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Three Holiday Season Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Posted by Daniel Roberts | Nov 03, 2011 | 0 Comments

The holiday season, the period between Thanksgiving and New Years, is the best time of the year for marketing your law practice. During this time business is more likely to  be slow at the law firm.  For most attorneys there are fewer cases to sign up as many prospective clients wait until the holidays are over to hire a lawyer. This lull in legal business can be a blessing as it provides you with the time to market. With the seasonal marketing techniques available, a wise attorney can sow the seeds for future business. Are you using the holiday season effectively for your legal marketing? If not, you should be. Here are 3 tips to help you make the most of this special time:

  1. Holiday Cards. Everyone likes to be remembered. Mailing holiday cards to your past and present legal clients is a wise investment of the time and money you have left in your marketing budget. First, gather the contact information. You should be maintaining a data file with contact information for all of your past and present clients. If you are not, setting one up is the first order of business. Next, select a suitable card. A more politically correct card will not focus on Christmas, Hanukkah or have any other religious affiliation. There are plenty of appropriate cards with general holiday themes. Don't be cheap, this is not a big investment and a quality holiday card will infer that your law practice is prosperous. Having the firm information printed on the card is nice but not necessary. Personally sign each holiday card. This is very important, the client needs to feel that you are taking the time to personally connect to him. If you remember anything about the client that will allow you to add a short note, do it. Again, the client will appreciate the connection. Lastly, send the cards out during the first week of December. Holiday cards have a limited shelf life. Be sure that yours are in your clients' hands for as long as possible.
  2. Referral Sources. Show appreciation to those people who refer you business. They may be clients, former clients, fellow attorneys, business associates, accountants, therapists, judges, your neighbor, your mechanic etc. Having a steady referral source is an extremely valuable asset and one a wise attorney will work to retain. How you acknowledge a referral source will depend on the circumstances of each relationship. Gifts are nice, of course, but the most important factor is making a personal connection.  Face time solidifies the relationship. Take the time to connect with each referral source over coffee, lunch, drinks after work or perhaps stopping by their office with an appropriate gift.
  3. Networking opportunities. The holiday season provides more networking  possibilities for lawyers than other times of the year. Make a point of connecting with people as much as possible. Often there are bar association functions, state or federal court functions, government related celebrations, other law firm's and other professional's parties. There may also be parties at your church, civic club, fitness club or local non-profits. Read the paper, search online and ask around. If you have the opportunity, attend. Who know who you might meet that needs a good lawyer or knows someone who does. There's not really any downside and you might even have fun.

Be wise. Use the holiday season to sow your legal marketing seeds and have a good time as well.

Have a great law practice!

Daniel Roberts

Professional Lawyer Coach

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