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The Monthly Coaching Session Program

If you would like to have a mentor and experienced lawyer coach to guide and support you in your law practice, the Monthly Coaching Session program may be a good fit for you.

Coaching is a powerful and effective tool and, over my twenty plus years coaching lawyers, I have helped hundreds achieve their goals and become more successful in their law practices.

However, traditional lawyer coaching is not always the right choice for everyone. When I work with an attorney using the traditional coaching model we focus on specific measurable goals, formulate a written goal achievement plan and meet in regular coaching sessions two, three or four times per month. In these coaching sessions, we examine the plan progress, make adjustments as necessary and review the assigned fieldwork. We are focused on the specific goal or goals.

I have seen over the years that many attorneys would benefit from a less structured model.  An ongoing relationship with a mentor and coach where they can talk about their practice, receive guidance, encouragement, and support is preferable.

The Monthly Coaching Session Program is right for you if you want:

  • A knowledgeable and experienced person that you can talk to on a regular basis,
  • Someone in your corner to keep you on course with your law practice, who
  • Listens to your ideas and provides objective feedback,
  • Gives you ideas and suggestions for improvement,
  • Helps you review your metrics and financial data,
  • Provides unconditional support to you and your law practice goals,
  • Tells you when you are making a mistake, and
  • Provides accountability (but only if and when you want it).

The Monthly Coaching Session Program is not for you if:

You have major, specific goals. For example: developing and implementing a marketing strategy; changing careers; adding a practice area; making law firm partner; growing your law firm. Instead, explore the traditional lawyer coaching programs offered.

The Details:

  • One monthly coaching session of up to one and one-half hours. We will meet via telephone or internet video.
  • In-between sessions support as needed via email.
  • The cost per month is the amount you charge clients for one billable hour of your time at your customary billing rate. If your hourly billing rate is extremely high, we can negotiate.
  • Access to the forms and resources available to traditional coaching program clients.
  • No written contracts, no ongoing obligations.
  • Total confidentiality.

To Get Started:

  • Click here to register for the program.
  • I will send you a short form to fill out with information about your law practice (or you can skip it and we will complete in our first session). I will also send you my Coach and Client Guidelines and the first month's coaching invoice.
  • We will schedule our first monthly coaching session.
  • BONUS: upon request, I will send you the Lawyers Life 100. This is a diagnostic tool that will help you discover what is working well in your professional and personal life and what areas are ripe for improvement.
  • Unsure if this program is right for you? Contact me and we will discuss whether the Monthly Coaching Session program or a traditional coaching program would be the better fit.


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