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Scholarship Program for Attorneys

My law practice was very good to me and my coaching practice has been also. It's time to give back. I am offering one-month coaching scholarships to attorneys in each of the following classes who are committed to being their best. The classes are:

  1. Lawyers who have been licensed for five years or less.
  2. Lawyers, regardless of age or experience, who are making less than $50,000 per year.

If you fit either of these categories and are sincerely interested in being coached to make positive changes in your law practice or in your legal career you may submit an application through the application below

Each month I will select an attorney from each category and coach them for one calendar month. The coaching will be the same as my paying coaching clients receive: regular on-one-coaching sessions together with in-between sessions telephone and email support. The attorney may choose the area or areas where we will focus.

I cannot promise that if you apply you will be selected, but I will make a sincere effort to help those who have a genuine interest and the motivation to make changes in their career or law practice. There are no hidden costs, no hidden agenda and no obligation other than I expect the attorneys I work with to be sincere and willing to put in the effort needed to achieve their professional goals.

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