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Dan’s approach is very congenial, supportive and direct.

“I worked with Dan Roberts for about nine months. Dan's approach is very congenial, supportive and direct. He worked with me to make concrete commitments to take actions designed to achieve my goals, and held me accountable. He was genuinely happy for me when I succeeded, and, when I didn't, he helped me think about why – was it the wrong goal, or was something holding me back, or was it something else? We focused initially on productivity, business generation and work-life balance. He gave me a number of very practical suggestions to manage my time, ensure that I capture all billable hours, minimize disruptions and focus on work at work and home at home. He helped me think of marketing in a new light that it made it more comfortable and easier to integrate into my work week, and really taught me how to build and maintain a network of professional contacts. I have recommended Dan to many other lawyers, and will continue to do so.”  

– S.C., Texas


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