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Law Firm Marketing Through Christmas Cards

Posted by Daniel Roberts | Nov 02, 2016 | 0 Comments

Law firm marketing for the holiday season should be a high priority. Of course, continue to follow your legal marketing plan (you have one don't you?) but the Christmas season offers opportunities that are not available during the rest of the year. I want to touch on one of those opportunities: Christmas cards.

When I was practicing law the simple process of sending Christmas cards to clients, former clients and referral sources reaped large dividends in goodwill and referrals. The same result has been achieved by my coaching clients. Certainly we want to honor the spirit of the season. However, there is no reason not to also use this time of the year for developing legal business.

Here are a few tips for sending Christmas/Holiday cards:

  • When should they be sent? Send them early! Christmas cards have a limited shelf life. A card received on Christmas Eve will not be as remembered as one received in early December; many people display their Christmas cards and look at them repeatedly.
  • What is an appropriate design? Choose a neutral style. It is better to avoid cards that are clearly religious unless that would especially appeal to your client base. Funny cards don't convey the dignity of a professional person. You also might consider using a generic “holiday card” rather than one that uses the word “Christmas.”
  • To whom should they be sent? Current clients and past clients (if you do not have all of them in a database, that is job one) Referral sources; show your appreciation for the business they have sent you. The card can also suggest getting together for coffee or lunch. A card with a personal message shows more thoughtfulness on your part than a generic gift your secretary could have picked out.
  • Should my law firm name be printed on the card? Yes, that is acceptable but isn't necessary.
  • Should I enclose a business card? Absolutely not! It smacks of advertising and is not appropriate for the season.
  • Should I hand address the envelopes? No, not necessary. There are clear labels that can be used with an appropriate font, perhaps a script style, to give a holiday look to the envelope. Your staff can create the labels and prepare the envelopes.
  • Should I sign the cards? Yes!!! The idea is to create a personalized communication. Signing the cards lets the recipients know that you took some of your own precious time to communicate with them. Even better: if you can say something personal that shows you are remember them or are thinking of them.

I hope these tips help. The most important thing is to just do it. Don't let the clock run out on this excellent opportunity to create goodwill and remind clients, current and past, and referral sources that you are thinking of them.

Have a Great Practice!

Daniel Roberts

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