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Thanks very much for a job done professionally and with excellence.

“When I contacted you last spring, I had a laundry list of options I was considering and was frustrated with my present situation. I had no real plan to resolve my confusion but knew I had to get it resolved and move ahead with a clearer sense of purpose and mission. You gave me the structure, accountability and discipline to work through this very difficult period. You listened and drew me out, and as we moved ahead added some badly needed objectivity to the process. For the first time ever, I was able to examine the options I had considered for so long and see that they were not right for me. That freed me to reexamine my present situation and identify changes I could make now as well as in the longer term to align it with my values and goals. Your assistance was critical. I never had the sense that you were giving me canned answers; rather, your focus was on me and my unique challenges. Thanks very much for a job done professionally and with excellence.” 

– K.D., Pennsylvania


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