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How Coaching for Lawyers Works

Here is how Coaching for Lawyers works:

Getting Acquainted

When a potential lawyer-client contacts me about coaching, I set up a mutually convenient time, during office hours or after, for a no cost, no obligation private and confidential telephone conference. We commit to set aside an hour to talk with no distractions or interruptions. During this telephone conference we get to know each other and I have an opportunity to learn where the lawyer is in his or her career and life and where he or she wants to go.

We explore the concept of coaching, the coaching process and how it might apply to the client's situation. I offer an experience of how it feels to be coached. During this time together we both want to discover whether coaching is right for the lawyer at this time. If so, do we have a good rapport and would we work well together? If, after this conference, we decide to work together, we schedule an intake session.

The Intake Session

The purpose of this session is to review the client's assessment fieldwork, explain coaching concepts, set procedures, work out logistics and decide what areas in the client's legal career and personal life we want to concentrate on. We then set up specific goals and determine the steps to achieve the goals. At the end of the session we have a clear picture of where the client is going and a roadmap showing us how to get there.

Coaching Sessions

Regularly scheduled coaching sessions are usually conducted by telephone and long distance charges are included in the monthly coaching fee. Depending upon the plan chosen, we generally have a 45-minute to 1 hour coaching session three or four times per month. This arrangement seems to work the best for most of my clients, however, each coaching relationship is a partnership and we can modify the length and frequency of the coaching sessions on an individual basis.

The coaching session focuses on what issues are most important or pressing for the client at the time. We also cover what has happened since the last session, how things are going generally and the client's progress toward his or her goals. I assign and the client agrees to the fieldwork to be done before the next session.

In-Between the Sessions

In between our coaching sessions we keep in touch by telephone, fax or email. I am available to share a win, help you prepare for a challenge, give you objective feedback, guide you through a decision or help in any way that I can.


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