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Consulting Services for Lawyers

Coaching is a valuable tool to help lawyers set and achieve goals in their legal careers, law firm, or private practice. It is not the only tool that can be helpful.

Consulting is a different tool. While coaching tends to last over a period of months, or sometimes longer, consulting is short-term. It is helpful when a lawyer seeks specific information or guidance but does not want or need the longer-term relationship involved with coaching.

Here are some areas where working with a lawyer consultant would be valuable: 

  • Career issues. The best type of firm for you to join; what practice area(s) to choose; evaluating a job offer; how to achieve hourly billing requirements; how to make law firm partner; planning your retirement from the law
  • Going solo. Should you open your own law firm; if so, how; planning and executing the change successfully
  • Profitability. Evaluating the metrics; creating and implementing a strategy for profitability.
  • Growth. Expanding your law firm (or not); Creating a workable expansion plan
  • Marketing. Creating a marketing plan; determining ideal clients and how to reach them; networking tactics
  • Practice areas. How to determine the best practice areas for you or for the firm; how to add or eliminate a practice area; comparing practice areas profitability potential
  • Personnel issues. Attorney/staff ratios; hiring and terminating lawyers and staff; management of attorneys and staff; job descriptions; compensation  issues

How it works:

We would schedule a no-cost, no-obligation conference to discuss your matter and whether I can help you. If so, we would negotiate an agreement as to an hourly rate for the consulting work. In some instances, a flat fee would be appropriate.

The amount of time required could be as little as one hour for providing advice for a particular issue to several hours of consultation plus reviewing documents or spreadsheets. Each situation is different. 

I have the experience of my own 25-year law practice plus working with attorneys and law firms for over 20 years. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. If you would like to explore the possibility of working together, please let me know.


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