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Benefits of Coaching to Law Firms

There are many benefits of coaching to law firms. Below is a list of some areas where coaching can be helpful. We usually work on several goals as the same time; for example, we may work with an attorney to achieve specific marketing goals and, during the same coaching sessions, work to improve time management skills, organization, etc. All work we do with an attorney is included in the monthly retainer. Here are  some benefits of coaching to law firms:

1. Marketing:

Personal Marketing Plans:

Coaching for lawyers can support your partners and associates by working one-one-one with them to develop their Personal Marketing Plan; a client development strategy best suited to the particular attorney's practice area, legal experience, networking opportunities, business contacts and marketing strengths. We then work with the attorney in regularly scheduled coaching sessions to implement and follow the plan to achieve the plan's objectives. The result is increased income to the firm and enhanced marketing skills for the attorney.

Firm Marketing Plans:

We can also work with your partners and associates in following your existing firm marketing plan. Regularly scheduled coaching sessions assist the attorney in developing tactics and overcoming personal barriers and obstacles to client development. The support and accountability coaching provides assists your attorneys in contributing their full share toward reaching the firm's marking goals and helps develop the attorneys into rainmakers.

2. Productivity:

Coaching for Lawyers can help your attorneys perform better, move cases faster and bill more. No one is 100% efficient and everyone can make improvements to their productivity. Often times the attorney knows where he is wasting time and needs accountability, such as to a coach, to improve work habits. Other times the attorney is unaware of the nature and extent of his time wasting activities. A careful review of the way the attorney's uses his time together with the introduction of certain efficiency techniques and accountability to improve work habits can have a dramatic effect on productivity and increase revenues to the firm.

3. Managing Partner Coaching:

The firm's managing partner has two jobs, his own law practice and the managing partner's duties. Coaching for Lawyers provides a valuable perk for a valuable person. We work with the managing partner to help brainstorm ideas for the firm's direction and goals, give objective, non-biased feedback on the numerous managerial and personnel issues at hand and give him a sounding board for matters that cannot be fully discussed at executive committee or partner meetings. In addition, we provide coaching help the managing partner maximize his personal law practice. We can work with the partner in the areas of marketing and practice development, productivity and efficiency, personal goals achievement and professional and personal life balance. Coaching is a deserved reward for the hardest working member of the firm.

4. Support for New Associates and Lateral Hires:

When the firm brings on a new attorney a considerable investment of time and money is involved. If the attorneys' integration into the firm is unsuccessful, the cost of his salary and support staff usage plus the time and expense of replacing him can be significant. This figure could easily reach $15,000 or more. In addition, there is the risk of an unpleasant separation resulting in litigation and the potential loss of clients to the departing attorney. Coaching for Lawyers can help by working with the new attorney to ensure that his transition into the firm goes smoothly. Providing a coach for several months shows the attorney how much the firm wants him to succeed and provides the attorney a sounding board, objective feedback and support in dealing with the problems, questions and issues that inevitably come up in integrating into a new work environment. Providing coaching during this transition period is a wise investment for the firm.

5. Career Counseling and Outplacement:

In the event an attorney plans to leave the firm, by his choice, mutual agreement or at the firm's request, Coaching for Lawyers can help make this transition as easy as possible for both parties. We can provide assessment testing and career counseling and coaching to assist the attorney in determining his best career path and in making the transition to new employment. This can occur while the attorney is still employed by the firm or after termination of employment as part of a severance package. The benefit to the attorney is professional assistance in transitioning to a position with a better fit. The benefit to the firm is maintaining a cordial, professional relationship with the departing attorney and ensuring a smooth transition.


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