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Benefits of Coaching to Attorneys

Coaching for Lawyers can be a powerful ally in maximizing your legal career. Below are a few of the benefits of coaching to attorneys and some practical applications of coaching:

  • A silent partner working for your legal career success and personal happiness.
  • Someone whose only concern is for you and helping you get what you want. No hidden agendas or conflicting relationship, friendship or law partner issues.
  • A sounding board for your ideas.
  • Someone to brainstorm with.
  • Objective feedback backed by legal experience and coach training. I tell the truth about what I see and hear. If you are on the wrong track I let you know it.
  • Support when the going gets tough.
  • Someone to share the victories with you.
  • Someone to help you create a vision of the future you want and hold the vision for you.
  • An accountability partner who holds you to your commitments to yourself. Who keeps you on track to reach your goals.
  • A strategist to work with you on the nuts and bolts of your legal career and life plan. To help you decide what to do and when to do it.
  • You can make major changes in your law practice, your legal career and your personal life for less than the cost of a part-time law clerk.

Practical Applications

1. Practice development:

  • Marketing for new clients
  • public relations & publicity
  • networking & referrals
  • developing expertise and credentials
  • finding a practice niche
  • building client relationships

2. Career planning:

  • legal job search and campaign
  • long range career goals

3. Career change:

  • determining whether the law is the right career for you
  • exploring career options using your legal training and skills
  • transitioning out of the legal profession
  • assessment testing
  • finding the right fit

4. Productivity:

  • time management
  • delegation skills
  • streamlining systems and procedures

5. Stress:

  • coping with it all and remaining sane

6. Interpersonal skills:

  • working more effectively with clients, partners, support staff and opposing counsel

7. Balance:

  • coordinating your professional and personal life
  • identifying your core values
  • assessing priorities
  • allocating time
  • being successful and having a life


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