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Daniel Roberts

Law Background

I graduated from the University of Houston, Bates College of Law in 1972 and practiced law in Houston from 1973 through 1997. I have experienced the practice of law as an associate, solo practitioner and law firm partner. Initially I was a generalist and handled whatever cases came through the firm's door, thus giving me an exposure to many practice areas. My practice evolved and during the last ten years I focused primarily on business transactions, litigation and personal injury claims. I am an member of the Texas bar-inactive.

Coaching Background

I graduated from Coach University, one of the premier coaching schools in the United States. I was awarded the Professional Certified Coach certification, which is awarded based upon training, competency and experience, from the International Coach Federation; the world's most acknowledged coaching organization. I have coached solo practitioners, associates, law firm partners and managing partners across the country since 1997. My lawyer clients and I have worked together on a variety of matters including law practice and client development, job changes, career decisions, life planning, setting and achieving professional and personal goals, stress reduction, time management and life balance.

Decision Making

I taught a university course in Critical Thinking, a vital component of decision making, for several years. I have been studying the art and science of decision-making since 1998. I have taught decision making skills to high school students and currently present a Wise Decisions workshop at Goodwill Industries on a monthly basis. I enjoy applying critical thinking skills in my coaching work and I especially enjoy coaching my clients through important decisions. Here is a link to a website I created dedicated to decision making: Wise

Coaching Style

I coach in a relaxed easygoing manner, however, I expect my clients to do the fieldwork necessary to achieve their goals. Accountability is very important and I hold my clients accountable for what they agree to do. Like most attorneys, I generally think in a linear fashion and like to use a goal achievement plan, action steps and a time line to help clients keep on track. I particularly enjoy brainstorming, providing objective feedback and helping clients make major career and life decisions. It is extremely satisfying to see clients become clear on what they want in their life and then work with them to make it happen.


After many years in the California wine country, I recently moved to Tucson, Arizona. I love the natural beauty of the Catalina Mountains and the Sonora Desert. Also, good food, good wine, friends, hiking, outdoor sports and driving my Miata (top down of course).

Life is great and I am grateful.

Recent Blog Posts


  • Dan’s approach is very congenial, supportive and direct.

    “I worked with Dan Roberts for about nine months. Dan's approach is very congenial, supportive and direct. He worked with me to make concrete commitments to take actions designed to achieve my goals, and held me accountable. He was genuinely happy for me when I succeeded, and, when I didn't, he h...
  • My Experience With Dan Was Excellent

    My experience with Dan was excellent–I am so glad I turned to him to help me navigate my career switch.  Dan helped me organize my thoughts around what I wanted in a job and, importantly, provided invaluable motivation to help me pursue various avenues.  Throughout the process, Dan was extremely ...
  • Dan is a terrific career (and life) coach

    “Dan is a terrific career (and life) coach. Before working with Dan, my ideas for advancing and enriching my career, while plentiful, most often faded from memory shortly after inception. Methodically, Dan has helped me regenerate many past ideas and refine them into a clear set of career goals. ...
  • Dan can help you turn your day dreams into reality

    "If you are thinking about a career change, or just a tune-up, Dan can help you turn your day dreams into reality. Dan helps you identify and articulate what you really want out of a career and then he guides you through the exciting and sometimes scary process of moving toward your goals. Lookin...
  • You offer attorneys a very valuable service

    “I just want to thank you for all of your assistance this past year or so. Your coaching provided practical and big-picture insight into business development issues and really helped me focus on formulating a plan and following up on that plan…I also believe you offer attorneys a very valuable se...
  • Thanks very much for a job done professionally and with excellence.

    “When I contacted you last spring, I had a laundry list of options I was considering and was frustrated with my present situation. I had no real plan to resolve my confusion but knew I had to get it resolved and move ahead with a clearer sense of purpose and mission. You gave me the structure, ac...
  • You've done a great job

    “You've done a great job, and now I feel that I've got something to contribute to the world, and have a clear picture of what the most important things are to work on.” 
  • You were a great help with my marketing effort

    “You were a great help with my marketing effort; you helped me set up a plan and stick to it. Thanks.” 
  • J.K., Texas Recommends Daniel Roberts

    “You have helped me realize that I am on the right track and it will take some time to pull everything together.”
  • I'm grateful.

    “You got me through a really tough time and helped me chart a new course. I'm grateful.” 
  • You were there with the right words at the right time.

    “Dan, thank you so very much for helping me think through my career/business options and steering me through. You were there with the right words at the right time.”
  • Dan is more than my coach

    “Even with difficult cases, such as I considered myself to be, Dan Roberts doesn't give up. He goes far beyond the call of duty with his support and encouragement. He helped me to realize that there is more to a goal than meeting it and that “being on the path” is, in actuality, the best part of ...
  • You're the best!!!

    “I wanted to THANK YOU because you really helped guide me on my path with focusing on what I want, developing a plan of action to connect with people, and showing me the importance of good follow-up. You're the best!!!”


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