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Coaching Fellow Attorneys to Greater Success Since 1997


I will help you achieve greater success in your law practice and legal career.


Clients say:

"Dan helped me find satisfaction in my work and my life.
I started working with Dan because I was unhappy with my job as a civil litigator and did not know what change I could make to become more happy, both as a lawyer and a person. Dan helped me work through some extremely insightful and helpful exercises and then used a personalized approach to help me design a strategy to evaluate different career paths. Once I had chosen a path forward, Dan was an invaluable resource as I worked on networking, applying, interviewing, and eventually accepting an offer. It has now been seven months since I started working with Dan. I am one month into my new job, and happier and healthier than I have been since I graduated law school. Thanks, Dan! " A.T.

"I love being a lawyer more than ever now, and that is because of Dan's insightful and helpful guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to both succeed at work and win at life!  Thanks a million Dan!" R.R.

“I wanted to THANK YOU because you really helped guide me on my path with focusing on what I want, developing a plan of action to connect with people, and showing me the importance of good follow-up. You're the best!!!” E.D.

“I just want to thank you for all of your assistance this past year or so. Your coaching provided practical and big-picture insight into business development issues and really helped me focus on formulating a plan and following up on that plan…I also believe you offer attorneys a very valuable service in helping attorneys reach a balance in their lives, and also in reaching their professional goals.” J.K.

"My experience with Dan was excellent–I am so glad I turned to him to help me navigate my career switch.  Dan helped me organize my thoughts around what I wanted in a job and, importantly, provided invaluable motivation to help me pursue various avenues.  Throughout the process, Dan was extremely attentive to my (many) questions and needs, always making himself available.  Ultimately, he helped me to land a terrific job well-suited to my particular personal and career goals. I would absolutely recommend Dan to any lawyer who is seeking to make a change in jobs.” A.S.

“I had a laundry list of options I was considering and was frustrated with my present situation. I had no real plan to resolve my confusion but knew I had to get it resolved and move ahead with a clearer sense of purpose and mission. You gave me the structure, accountability and discipline to work through this very difficult period. You listened and drew me out, and as we moved ahead added some badly needed objectivity to the process. For the first time ever, I was able to examine the options I had considered for so long and see that they were not right for me. That freed me to reexamine my present situation and identify changes I could make now as well as in the longer term to align it with my values and goals. Your assistance was critical. I never had the sense that you were giving me canned answers; rather, your focus was on me and my unique challenges. Thanks very much for a job done professionally and with excellence.” K.D.

As a Professional Lawyer Coach, I can coach you through the changes you need to make to achieve your professional goals and increase your success as an attorney.

Lawyer-to-Lawyer Coaching will help you:


I have the experience, knowledge and skills you need:

In the Law:

  • I practiced law for 25 years as an associate, solo practitioner, and law firm partner.
  • My experience in many different practice areas gives me an understanding of the day to day challenges and demands a lawyer faces.

As a Coach:

  • I received certification by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach in 1997.
  • I established Coaching for Lawyers in 1997 so that I could help fellow attorneys achieve greater career success.
  • Over the years I have helped hundreds of attorneys and I find great satisfaction in seeing my clients succeed. I would like to help you! 




  • You're the best!!!

    “I wanted to THANK YOU because you really helped guide me on my path with focusing on what I want, developing a plan of action to connect with people, and showing me the importance of good follow-up. You're the best!!!” Read On

  • Dan is more than my coach

    “Even with difficult cases, such as I considered myself to be, Dan Roberts doesn't give up. He goes far beyond the call of duty with his support and encouragement. He helped me to realize that there is more to a goal than meeting it and that “being on the path” is, in actuality, the best part of ... Read On

  • You were there with the right words at the right time.

    “Dan, thank you so very much for helping me think through my career/business options and steering me through. You were there with the right words at the right time.” Read On


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